As these affordable phone sex numbers are of an erotic nature, you must be 21 years or older to call.
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Hey guys! I'm Michael and, just like you probably are, I'm a big fan of phone sex. Over the years, I tried hundreds of numbers and here are the ones I think are best:

Cheap 25¢ Phone Sex Number

This number is my favorite by far. Not only is this probably the cheapest phone sex number there is but the service is also awesome. All the girls (and they got one for any fetish, from mature BBWs who like dick to horny amateur 18 year olds) are great. You can also talk to lonely women near you, which usually leads to real life fucking, or listen to some high quality recorded sex stories, if that's your thing. Need I say more? Just call now for cheap phone sex, toll free, with no connection fee, and for only a quarter per minute:

If you'd like a more specialised, but slightly more expensive, experience, give these numbers a shot instead:

Kinky Taboo Phone Sex

If you're into some freaky shit, like fart phone sex,leg and foot fetishes or fat girls, this is the number to be calling. I usually use it for my strap-on fetish, because I'm no faggot and, if someone sticks a dick in me, it should be a young sexy Russian girl. Either that or Jenkins, my Gimp.

Mature Phone Sex with Real MILFs

They only hire extremely hot mature women as phone sex operators here. I'm not so crazy about that fetish right now but I used to go crazy over it when I was 22 years old.

Cock Control Phone Sex

If you're after a hot dominating bitch to control your cock in an orgasm denial experience, call! She'll guide your masturbation while teasing you and laughing in your own personal femdom hell.

Tease and Denial Phone Chat

This one's a lot like the cock control numer but with a dark S&M theme to it. Yeah, whips, leather and all that.

Barely Legal Phone Sex No.

The oldest phone operators are 19 and they all sound like nice innocent girls you can find a church in Utah. Only they're not.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Ever dreamed having a wife or girlfriend who'll force you watch her fuck your best friend,your boss or blowing your dad? Call this number. Out of the good ones, it's by far the cheapest.

Humiliation Phone Sex Jerkoff

Whenever I want to be told what a worthless cheap bastard I am and how pathetic my small cock is, that's the number I call. Either that one or my mom's.

Big Tits Telephone Sex Nr.

I spent a lot of time talking to all the girls here so I eventually got to know them well enough to get them to send me pictures. I was shocked that they really do have huge boobies, which is awesome. This isn't the least expensive number but it's well worth it.